A Culture of Sharing

This is insightful. It is so true that the most dynamic and effective leaders are masters of storytelling. When we strip away all the professional mumbo jumbo, we all are at heart still kids who like a good story. Our attention spans can take in only so much before we zone out. But when an interesting story grabs us, something magical happens. The information itself transforms into a heart grabbing topic. Daniel Goleman once again hits the nail on the head with his insights into emotional intelligence and people stuff!

The Culture Difference

I really enjoyed Daniel Goleman’s article, “Effective Leaders are Effective Storytellers.” This statement is incredibly true. When I think of some commonalities in the effective leaders that I have worked with—one in particular comes to mind: they are all good storytellers! An effective leader and motivator at my current firm, has a background in journalism. She has an incredible ability to take highly technical (sometimes boring) information and craft an engaging story that can resonate with anyone. Her ability to craft a story is an invaluable skill and watching it unfold is inspiring.

Daniel writes, “Good storytelling is a hallmark of effective leadership. It’s a medium that allows leaders to move others. It also lets others know who the leader is. How the leader thinks and feels.Howard Gardner talks about three kinds of story telling approaches. One is the ordinary story. These are the stories that everybody tells, in this sector, in this domain…

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