Add a Splash of Color to Your Workplace!

add some color

I’m not a big fan of mundane things, which is probably why I like to write.  I have been writing since I was a kid.  Instead of going to all the school dances I was more likely to be at Barnes and Noble reciting poetry about the passions of life at poetry jams.  I always thought I’d be a professional writer, a journalist perhaps.  But there were bills to be paid. So, I used my interviewing fascination to interview people for jobs. And then this whole HR thing evolved.

But I’ve never lost that spark of pizazz.

As Anais Nin said,”Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.”  I believe that.  I will probably not settle down until I’ve contributed to ending world poverty or something else profound because I spend inordinate amounts of time worrying and thinking about the broken things in the world.  But you know what?  That’s what makes life worth living. Zest. Zeal. Passion. Energy. Motivation. Splashes of Creativity.  I want my life and work to be like the photo above. Colorful.

And so I have brought this with me to the walls of Corporate America.  I’m better for it.  I have many longstanding friendships from my relationships at work.  The message of today’s blog is just this. Risk it a little bit.  Let your passions motivate you to do something really creative and great at work.  And let this bubble over and cascade down to those you impact and lead at work. Don’t just retreat to your computer and pencil pushing.  Get to know people. Get excited about their growth and development.  Love people and use the workplace as an extension of life.  If your company is a fan of altruistic work – start a service project together and make a difference together!  I’m a firm believer that when we serve together, we grow together.  Suddenly 9-5 can be a heck of a lot more special when we step out and start relating.  Work can be a community.

One more thing.  Being a leader in the workplace has nothing to do with title.  I to this day hang a precious story that a housekeeper from a nursing home I worked at gave me. It moved me, and he led me to see life and work through much more rainbow like lenses.  It’s called “The Law of the Garbage Truck” If you haven’t read this story I encourage you to.  It reminds us that we own our own attitudes.  Nobody and nothing can change our outlook.  Attitude is a choice.

As such, I challenge you to add a splash of color and life to your workplace today.  Watch out, it’s contagious!

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