Why Our Kids’ Video Games May Prepare Them For Career Learning Tomorrow!

This weekend I’ve been writing a paper about various types of learning that have evolved and become break through in the past decade or so.  The most fascinating by far has been the partnership of virtual reality in the realm of training and development.  Believe it or not, some major names are using this! Did you know that Cisco Systems has something called the AMLE, or Account Manager Learning Environment?  This is a virtual learning experience designed to help account managers learn best practices in driving up sales and revenue, speed and cost reductions (Noe, 2013, pg. 360).  Another example of virtual reality meeting training is Motorola and their use of a virtual reality training opportunity to teach employees to assemble products in the Pager Robotic Assembly Facility (Noe, 2013, p. 342).  Don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a virtual injury than a real one.  Manufacturing can be dangerous if a worker is not well trained.  How brilliant an idea to teach them virtually.

Last but not least, a pretty serious example.  Our soldiers today are being trained in large scale virtual training facilities.  An example of this is Camp Atterbury in Indiana.  Here, soldiers learn how to respond to realistic battle scenarios in what is called a Dismounted Soldier Training System.  Essentially, using simulation equipment and virtual technology, the solider can actual rehearse a battle scene. This type of training can mean the difference between life and death in the real battle.

So, to the title of this blog.  Maybe all the whining and nagging I’ve done about my tween son’s hours of labor in front of the gaming screen has been in vain.  Will the future of learning when he is entering for workforce in ten years be filled with these virtual learning environments?  I think perhaps so.  I chuckle as I write this.  I’m envisioning a virtual reality video game of employee relations and corrective action hypothetical scenarios.  Boy those DOL regulations would have been seared into my brain with greater intensity had I had the chance to virtually interact with a real lawsuit via a virtual reality video game!

I typically don’t think of myself as old until I observe the evolving face of technology.  It fascinates me.  I believe our children of today will be learning in a far different world in the future than anything I might have ever imagined.  We are already getting degrees online at rapid fire pace.  Imagine the classrooms of tomorrow.  Perhaps your child will be sitting virtually alongside other students from ten different countries.  The possibilties are endless!


AMLE: http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le31/l59/learning_credits_manage.html

Camp Atterbury: http://www.campatterbury.in.ng.mil/Mobilization/tabid/692/Default.aspx

Noe, Raymond. (2013). Employee Training and Development. New York,

NY: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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