The Top 24 Attributes


I just spent a portion of my weekend finishing up a final term paper for a class. Topic – leaders we love. The exercise proved intriguing and this was my favorite paper to write in recent years. My study included a look at a few past and present corporate and political leaders. As I studied these leaders I began to dissect the attributes I noted about them that made them the kind of leader that others follow and strive to emulate. I came up with my “Top Twenty-Four,” a list I intend to hang onto and hold myself accountable to follow. I love this list so much that I decided it’s worth a blog entry. So, here you go, the Top Twenty-Four from my recent research paper:

Leaders We Consider Worth Following …

  • Are accessible to employees
  • Possess a familiar and warm style of leadership
  • Get results!
  • Have absolute resolve in the face of adversity
  • Promote trust between people
  • Promote caring between people
  • Engage people
  • Are transformational
  • Inspire their audience
  • Are altruistic
  • Build people up
  • Can be trusted
  • Are honorable
  • Create a sense of fulfillment
  • Create a sense of fun
  • Are passionate
  • Create a cause worth fighting for
  • Display humility
  • Show wisdom & balance in response (the right thing at the right time)
  • Create a special culture
  • Are down to earth
  • Are approachable
  • Are real
  • Promote social responsibility