Top Ten Free (Or Dirt Cheap) Recruiting Sources!

By, Cari Desiderio



  1. Linkedin Groups. With over 300 million users worldwide it makes good sense to be on this professional networking Web site! While one can certainly pay for inmails, there is another trick to messages. If you join groups you can connect with contacts via this shared group connection. Then once connected, you can send messages to these fellow group members. A gem of a way to reach out for free! And, attract attention to your recruiter profile by being an active poster yourself. Most groups also allow you to post jobs to their discussion board (just read the rules to find out).
  2. Pay per click ads are relatively cheap. But beyond this if you have your job ad on certain Web sites may scrape and post your job for free. In addition you can view resumes that are posted on and contact them via the portal by setting up a free account. There is a cap to how much can be done for free, but a fairly generous cap!
  3. If you have not checked out this site recently, you should. The audience has changed and it is not just for 100K and up jobs anymore. In addition there are some limited feature recruiter accounts that allow job postings for free. It works! I have generated countless leads this way.
  4. Twitter. With a few hashtags and catchy phrases you might be able to pull attention in the direction of your job ad link. For free!
  5. Facebook. Numerous niche groups on are this social networking site. Not recommended to friend contacts per se, as this remains first a non professional social network. Rather, create career pages and join groups dedicated to job genres. This was a useful site for me in my healthcare recruitment days.
  6. While there are certainly some fee based accounts, much basic data can be looked up for free. It’s a cold call list generator for sure. Or, use the data gleaned to then look up full profiles on Linkedin!
  7. College Career Centers. This is a gem of a sourcing tool for the more entry level jobs. While you can certainly pay a fee to college job posting bulk services, the majority of universities allow individual postings and resume lookups for free. And if you are willing to give some volunteer time you might be able to speak to classes, help with mock interviews or resumes, and network in other free ways on campus.
  8. Google. Whether it is Google or another search engine the tried and true Boolean sourcing method is a great way to generate names for cold calling and looking up via Linkedin. Also a great place to research good places to post the job that are niche.
  9. Industry Events and Groups. Don’t forget this basic method of targeting! If you are posting an engineering job, maybe check out ASME or another technical board. If a HR job, try SHRM. Most professionals have posting boards. While the ads may cost money, you can often join discussions and groups to find names to network with.
  10. Craigslist. Believe it or not this site can be useful for recruiting. I found a stellar HR recruiter this way years ago, a PhD Student who helped my company at the time rewrite our behavioral interviewing program and complete a large staff up. This is my best Craigslist success story. And I think the ad cost me $25!