Relationship Management 101 – The Stuff of Success?

By, Cari Desiderio

Sometimes the complex is actually simple.  The longer I am in the corporate environment, the less complex is the lens through which I see it.  We are here to as a teams of diverse, talented, well organized people, to create products and services that produce revenue.  Simple enough.  We are successful at this if we are apt at our jobs, and if we can work well with one another to be productive together.  At the center of this all is a little thing called relationship because productivity does not happen in a bubble.

I recently enjoyed a post from SHRM’s website about how to be a “Relationship Management Star!”  The post truly hits on some simple principles that have to do with caring, information sharing, considering body language and signals, communicating and more ( Link to Article ).  None of the principles, I thought, are rocket science. In fact most of us learned the bulk of these behaviors in about kindergarten!

At core of this litany of Relationship 101 steps, is intentional and active caring and inclusion.  Great managers, great employees, productive members of the corporate world, are effective because they can move things forward through people and communities.  This means that they build relationships and choose to see the act of doing business as the act of working together to produce something.

So each day, let’s ask ourselves, what are we doing to make our TEAM a little better and to communicate and relate in a way that makes the day a little brighter?

Happy relating!

“Communication is the real work of leadership” Nitin Nohria